Beyond repair due to water damage

by | Sep 14, 2022 | News | 0 comments

It was bound to happen eventually. Despite all my years carrying my camera gear all over the world, I had never destroyed a camera. There were a few close calls and a few other times where damage was inflicted to a camera or lens, but these cases could always be fixed. Not this time.

Near the end of my time in Alaska, my camera (Canon R5) took an unexpected “swim”. I still don’t know exactly how it happened. I was holding my camera with my big telephoto lens pointed down. Somehow, I accidentally nudge the lens release button with my knuckle and the camera detached and fell into the creek below.

The water wasn’t more than a foot deep, but the damage had been done. Water entered into the sensor. I tried vigorously to get it all out and was slightly encouraged since the camera would turn on, even though it didn’t work. I stowed it away, carried on with my backup camera, and hoped for the best.

When I got home, I sent it into the Canon repair service and then received these words “beyond repair due to water damage.”

When I think back to the event, the sense of despair returns. It’ll make for a good story one day, but not yet, it’s too soon. Thank goodness for insurance!

In more positive news, my Instagram account has blown up as of late. It turns out that the Alaska bears are a big hit 🙂

My next photo tour is just around the corner. I leave this weekend for the Great Bear Rainforest to lead my Spirit Bear photo tour, thankfully with my replacement camera already in hand 🙂


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