Bears & Wolves Camp

Brown bears, wolves, and the most spectacular scenery

    • Brown bears up close and with incredible scenery
    • 20-40 bears each day
    • Grazing, clamming, and fishing behaviors
    • Pristine wilderness with bears to ourselves
    • Chance to see wolves
    • 5 Days / 4 nights

Imagine a world where you have a problem of too many bears and you can’t decide whether you should point your camera to the left to photograph a mom with cubs, or to the right to photograph a mom with cubs. It’s a good problem to have and it’s a problem you will have a lot in this absolutely incredible place. With exclusive access to tons of bears, you will take bear photos you never dreamt where possible.

In this breathtaking location, expect to see upwards of 30 bears each day who are grazing, clamming, and fishing. This tour has it all: the close proximity to the bears, the stunning background of glaciers and striking peaks, and the chance to see wolves!

With two experienced bear guides, we will keep you safe and put you in the best position to take photos that stand out. Grab extra memory cards and join us on this incredible brown bear experience that is unlike any other!

Tour Highlights: Incredible brown bear photography, amazing scenery, and chance for wolves

Tour Dates:

* July 27-31, 2024

* July 27-31, 2025

Tour Leaders: Zac Mills & Scott Stone

Group Size: 7

2024 Price: $4,895 USD

2025 Price: Contact

Price includes: All meals, guiding, accommodation, and transport

Accommodation: Single

Starting Location: Kodiak or Homer, Alaska (TBD)

Fitness Level: Active




Each day begins with a hearty breakfast to fuel up for our day with bears. Expect to see bears of all ages and lots of cubs. Our day is dictated by the tides, which influence bear behavior. During low tide, bears will clam and fish for salmon, while at high tide it is more typical to find bears grazing on the meadows.

Do you enjoy walks along the beach? We typically walk between 4-8 miles each day as there are so many bears to see in this unrivaled location. But don’t worry, we often don’t walk for long at any given time because we keep stopping to photograph bears.

Depending on the weather, we will stay out all day or we may return to camp for a break during the day. The benefit of our camp location is that we often have great photo opportunities less than 100 meters away. It’s the benefit of camping in one of the world’s best locations to experience brown bears! 


This is a location where wolves have been frequently seen. Though we can’t guarantee a sighting, we will do everything we can to show you the incredible white wolves that den nearby. Last year, we had the most incredible moment where a white wolf emerged out of nowhere to try to take several young bear cubs.

Our hearts raced faster and faster as the alpha female wolf approached closer and closer to the bear cubs, with mama bear seemingly unaware. Were we going to see a tragedy or mama bear protecting her cubs? Turns out mama bear knew what she was doing all along. As the white wolf got to within 15 feet she chased it away. The white wolf returned and she chased it away again. It was one of the those unforgettable moments that this location can give you!


We do everything we can do make our camp as comfortable as possible. There are no lodges in this location and we have to fly everything in and out on float planes. With a double-laced electric fence, a three-person tent for each person, and hearty meals, we will keep you safe, feed you well, and make you feel at home among bears. While we do sacrifice some of the comforts that a lodge could provide, we more than make up for it by the incredible moments that the bears give us. The camp also affords us the ability to be photograph bears during the golden light of sunrise and sunset. Plus, the views from the camp are pretty good!


Telephoto? Supertelephoto? Wide-angle? We are going to help prepare you to take the best possible photos. Before the tour, we will have one-on-one sessions to get know you, your shooting style, discuss topics of interest (such as field techniques, composition, post-processing), and provide guidance to help you grow as a photographer and storyteller.

During the tour, we will talk about the key elements of composition, spacing and separation, and have optional image review sessions at night. After the tour, there will be follow up one-on-one sessions to help you choose and edit your favorite images from the tour.

Our policy is simple: ask us anything at anytime about gear, technique, strategy, composition, post-processing and beyond. We are here to help you!


Zac Mills

As a wildlife photographer, traveler, and former World Bank economist, Zac brings a different perspective to wildlife conservation. He founded the Wildlife Collective to help others become better wildlife photographers and to use their voice for conservation. With leadership roles in several conservation organizations, Zac knows first hand that working together with like-minded individuals can make a difference. A certified guide and bear lover, Zac hopes to entertain you with stories from the wild, inspire you to get involved in conservation, and to become the best wildlife photographer you can be.


Scott Stone

I spend as much time as possible in Katmai National Park, guiding bear tours for the great coastal brown bears and also with the great Kodiak brown bears of Kodiak Island. I spend most of my winters home in Montana, traveling all over the state as well as the Western states in pursuit of wildlife, landscape, astro, and aurora opportunities. Working full time, guiding, shooting, and editing leaves little time for sleep but fuels my drive to work to bring you the best of what I see and dream about. 



The tour departs from either Kodiak or Homer, Alaska (TBD). Please plan to arrive one day before our tour officially starts. Our float plane flight time is dependent upon the tide schedule and is subject to change based on weather.


July 26

Arrive in Kodiak, Alaska

You will stay at a local accommodation (not included). Arriving a day early ensures you will not miss the flight to the lodge.

July 27

Flight from Kodiak to the camp

After we arrive, we will have a camp orientation, a bear safety talk, and then we head out for our first bear viewing adventure.

July 28-30

Bears Bears Bears

Each day we will wake up early and stay out late. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the most amazing photos of these majestic bears.

July 31

Tour Ends

We get up early for our last day of bear viewing before we head back on our float plane and say our goodbyes.


How many brown bears will I see?

We typically see beween 20-40 brown bears each day.

What other wildlife will I see?

Wolves! Cross your fingers because these white wolves are absolutely striking. We will also see bald eagles, an array of shore birds, and if the bear gods are smiling down upon us, a moose or wolverine (we saw fresh tracks of both on our last tour).

How do I get to Kenai or Homer, Alaska?

We are currently working on the final details for the float plane flight to the camp, which will depart from Koidak, Alaska.

Commercial flights are available from Anchorage to Alaska and we recommend Alaskan Airlines.

What focal range do you recommend?

Every focal range from 24-600mm can be of value. The wider perspectives are great to showcase thee incredible mountain scenery around the bears. Tighter compositions work great for portraits and for those times when we are further away. There are so many compositional possibilities that having a variety of focal length options will serve you well.

What's the bathroom situation?

There is a dedicated bathroom tent with a portable toilet device. 

Will there be cell service or WiFi at the lodge?

No, there is no connectivity in this location. However, each guide has a Garmin inReach satellite communication device which allows you to communicate with your loved ones back home.

More Questions?

Send us an email and we’ll be happy to arrange a time to chat through everything with you and answer any questions you may have.


• Flights to/from the camp from Kodiak or Homer (TBD)
• Daily bear photography excursions
• All meals and drinks
• All camping gear
• Bear & photography guide


• Flights to/from Kodiak or Homer (TBD)
• Accommodations before/after the tour
• Travel Insurance (required)


Why Our Photo Tours Are Different


The essence of life lies in its experiences, and it is our unwavering mission to gift you the very best of them. We strive to craft our tours with care and authenticity, making each adventure a vibrant chapter in the story of your life.


All of our tours have a conservation focus. We will learn about the challenges facing our primary subject and ongoing conservation work. Plus, every tour makes a donation to a conservation partner.


We take you to the world’s most amazing wilderness destinations, carefully selected for their unparalleled beauty and chosen based on our commitment to providing guests with the very best wildlife experiences.

Photography Focus

We welcome all levels of photography and provide optional photography sessions before, during, and after the tour. With our hands on learning, you are going to leave our tour as a better photographer. Ask us anything at anytime!

Small Groups

We believe that small groups give the best wildlife expereinces. We do not exceed 6 clients per guide, and in most tours, the ratio will be even smaller. This ensures that you get the personalized attention that you deserve.

Best Guides

We work with the world’s best wildlife guides, who also happen to be our good friends. They are experienced, keep us safe, and put us in the best possible position to have the best wildlife experience.