The best bear experience

Jan 5, 2024

I’m often asked about my favorite wildlife destination, and for years, answering such a question seemed impossible. However, everything changed last August when our Alaska Fishing Bear Camp tour delivered the most incredible wildlife experience imaginable.

After two previous visits to this location, it had already become one of the top highlights of my year. You watch upwards of 30 to 40 brown bears each day dive into shallow waters and skillfully capture red sockeye salmon right in front of you. What sets this experience apart is the unique harmony of the ecosystem — the bears benefit from a rich food source, and have developed decades of positive interactions with humans. This peaceful coexistence leads to truly special and up-close interactions with these amazing bears.

What made this particular tour so magical was the alignment of our tour with the peak salmon migration. The waters turned red and pulsated with the energy of thousands of salmon, which led to a bear feeding frenzy. The fishing was so easy that we observed bears catching and releasing salmon if they didn’t meet their taste preference. Further, as if scripted by nature, a full rainbow emerged and caste a surreal and enchanting glow over the scene.

As everything was unfolding in front of us, I remember being in disbelief and awe at the incredible spectacle that nature was presenting to us. And as soon as I returned back home and shared some of my content online, the enchantment seemed to transcend borders. This Instagram reel garnered a 262 million views, while another reel amassed 161 million views, resonating with audiences across the planet.

While there are many close contenders, I can now state with conviction that Fishing Bear Camp is the best bear experience. For a more comprehensive glimpse into this incredible adventure, take a moment to click on the image below and watch the video.

There are still a few spots left for our 2024 Fishing Bear Camp tour and Scott Stone and I are also taking reservations for 2025. Please let me know if you would like to see this magic for yourself!